Pangur Ban, Pangur Ban

"I am Aisling, but what are you doing in my forest?"

Sep 7
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"Well, well, well…"  The forest spirit crouched down onto all fours, eyeing the group of humans suspiciously as they neared her forest.  A few strands of pure white hair fell over her face as she peeked at them.

"My name is Aisling."  Her voice lilted, whimsical and soft.  A pale arm motioned towards the crowded wood about them, green shrubs and flowers and trees twisting every which way.  "And I don’t like trespassers in my forest.”

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    "Yeah! I’ve had so many intruders come in recently. Most of them are the usual lost humans, but I’ve seen some pretty...
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    "Of course, together we could most likely protect the forest much easier." Aisling grinned, green eyes shining brightly....